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    California's - Proposition 8


    Resources for CA - Proposition 8

    Dear Visitor to ProtectMarriage.info

    Thank you for visiting protectmarriage.info our website dedicated to the protection of marriage between one man and one woman.

    This website is a project of Citizens For A Better America® (CFABA.ORG). Citizens For A Better America® (CFABA.ORG) was founded on October 15, 1992 with the purpose of working to elect morality and values based candidates to public office all across this great country.

    Our website should not be confused with the website protectmarriage.com which is currently fighting to pass Prop 8 in California. We support that effort and to that extent we have added some of the support material that is supplied by the protectmarriage.com website, to our own. We make no claim to these support materials and are only posting them to provide more access to these important resources. If you want a link to where they have them posted it is [http://www.protectmarriage.com/resources].

    Thank you for visiting,


    Resources from ProtectMarriage.info and CFABA.org

    Saturday, 10/11/2008 An Open Letter to California Christian Pastors and Leaders

    Resources from ProtectMarriage.com

    We have archived resources from ProtectMarriage.com website that you can download here. Or, get them from their website at ProtectMarriage.com.

    One of the reasons we post these same resources on our website is that many times after a campaign is over many of these websites are taken down. We keep our content up even after a campaign is over. This gives other state organizations ideas on what they can do when they want to work to protect marriage in their state.

    Handouts and signs:

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ (PDF)
    Fact Sheet (PDF)
    Myths and Facts (PDF)
    Flyer (PDF)
    Sign 1 (PDF)
    Sign 2 (PDF)

    Resources for churches:

    Churches and Politics (PDF)
    Your Legal Right to Support Prop. 8 (PDF)
    Church Bulletin -color (PDF)
    Church Bulletin -b&w (PDF)
    Church Bulletin -color 2pgs (PDF)
    Church Bulletin --b&w 2pgs (PDF)

    While the following PDF's apply specificly to the protectmarraige.com organization we have included them for reference only, please contact us or use our donate button, if you wish to contribute to CFABA.org otherwise contact ProtectMarriage.com directly if you wish to contribute to them.

    Instructions for Conducting an Offering (PDF)
    Donation Form for Churches (PDF)

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